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The Need For Sexual Health Education for Justice-Involved Male Youth ages 14-19

Youth living apart from their families in residential settings administered by  juvenile justice systems face risk factors including abuse and neglect, substance abuse, mental health, and behavioral issues that have been linked to sexual risk-taking behavior. (James et al. 2009; McGuinness et al. 2002).  These youth report having first sexual intercourse at earlier ages with more sexual partners compared with other youth. This high need population is at greater risk for teen pregnancy, STDs and HIV.  


Twenty-two states have mandated sex education and or HIV/STD for school aged youth. Studies show however, that youth in this high-priority population have interrupted schooling and are more likely to have missed school-based sexual health education courses than their peers.


Healthy U is an evidence-informed Sexual Health Education Program,  designed as a tool for Juvenile Justice Agencies to deliver quality sexual health education to Justice-Involved Youth. 

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